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commercial pest control

Commercial Pest Control

Long Island Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial Pest Control is completely different from Residential Pest Control.  For a business, an infestation can cause more damage than just physical.  An infestation can cause a business to lose money and even lead to the business closing its doors.  

Businesses require extra care and the highest possible level of service.  Some businesses and institutions that are particularly vulnerable to insects or rodents are restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, warehouses, schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and strip malls.

Any businesses that deals with food or food waste are particularly vulnerable.  Businesses such as restaurants or any food service company, or institution that prepares and serves food, such as schools have to maintain a high level of sanitary conditions to pass inspections.  Hospitals and other health care facilities must also meet high standards of cleanliness and maintain robust pest control and prevention plans with regular inspections and treatments. 

Luxe Pest Control provides the highest level of service so you can be sure your business, your employees, customers, and guests are all taken care of and protected from insects and rodents, and the risks associated with these pests.

Restaurants and Food Services

Food services, such as caterers, kitchens in schools, office buildings, hospitals, and hotels require the highest standards in pest control services.  These businesses, along with restaurants require regular pest control inspections and treatments, in many cases, even every week.  Every business is different.  We will come to your facility, inspect your location and customize a plan specifically for your business needs.  When you are dealing with food, you are dealing with the direct health and wellbeing of the people you serve, so diligence is the key.  We will ensure your business is inspected and treated to the letter of the law, and we only use chemical and physical removal methods appropriate for your business.


Warehouses are frequent targets for pests such as insects and rodents, especially if your warehouse stores items meant for the food industry.  Warehouses are often wide open places with plenty of places for pests to hide out of sight.  Warehouses require regular treatments as well to protect the inventory that you maintain so you know that when you deliver products to their final destination they will be free of pests and contaminants that can destroy food, other stocks, and eventually the businesses that depend on you.

Commercial Pest Control Treatment Plan

Depending on your business, you may require quarterly, monthly, or even weekly pest control inspections and treatments.  Luxe Pest Control offers the highest level of service in a professional and discreet manner to ensure that your business is up to code and your business and everyone involved with the business is safe and protected.  Call Luxe Pest Control and we will come to your location and design a plan specifically for your business.

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