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Moth and Pantry Pest Control

Long Island Moth and Pantry Pest Control Services

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As far as pests go, moths do not pose a huge threat to your home or family.  Moth larvae, or caterpillars, can be a huge nuisance as they will eat through fabric such as cotton and wool, and they will also eat through dry goods such as pasta and bread.

Moths can be annoying, but they are not a known threat to your health.  They are not known to be vectors for any diseases and they are not known to cause allergic reactions in people or pets.  If they get in your closet, they can cause damage to clothing and it can be upsetting and cost you some money if they eat through a good suit or dress.

Moth Larvae, or Caterpillars, Can Be a Health Concern

While moths do not pose much of a threat, the caterpillars are more of a concern.  Caterpillars can cause allergic reactions or irritation if they come into contact with skin.  Some species of larvae also have sharp spines which can sting and cause an allergic reaction with symptoms such as:

  • ​itching

  • scaling

  • blistering

  • rashes

  • skin irritation resembling eczema

  • contact dermatitis, which can lead to redness, hives and swelling

If you have Moths or Caterpillars, call Luxe Pest Control

Even though moths are not the same threat to your home and family as ants or rodents, you still do not want them in your home.  The damage to clothing, food, and other belonging can add up.  The real issue with moths is the larvae, which can cause mild to severe allergic reactions.  If left untreated, a moth infestation can get out of control and become as overwhelming and as stressful as any other pest infestation. 

Call Luxe Pest Control and we will evaluate your current situation, eradicate the pests you have, and come up with a plan to keep the pests away for good.

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