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Mosquito and Tick Control

Long Island Mosquito and Tick Control Services


People believe that they need to be in a preserve or wooded area to pick up ticks.  The truth is that you can get a tick simply by being in your backyard.  Ticks and Mosquitoes are everywhere, and they represent a significant risk to your health.

Mosquitoes are everyone you go.  Mosquito bites can cause skin irritations and rashes due to an allergic reaction to the bite and mosquito saliva left behind.  While bites can be annoying to the point of even keeping up at night, there is a more severe risk with mosquitoes.  Infected mosquitoes can spread serious diseases such as malaria, dengue, West Nile, and Zika.  These diseases can lead to more severe and even potentially fatal effects.  Your pets are also at risk of catching a severe illness from mosquitoes, including West Nile, dog heartworms, and eastern equine encephalitis.

While mosquitoes will bite and leave, ticks will stick around.  They will bite into your skin and burrow in, feeding slowly and over time.  Since they remain connected to you for an extended period, they are very efficient at transmitting the diseases they carry.  Ticks are known to have Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Anaplasmosis.

Historically, most people were mainly concerned about their pets picking up ticks as they ran through the yard or park.  However, ticks have become an extremely serious problem all over Long Island and throughout the entire New York region over the last several years.  If you have gone on a hike in one of the several nature preserves on Long Island, you have more than likely gotten a tick or two or several.  The risk of ticks is as close as your backyard.  In several reported cases, kids and pets are picking up several ticks just by playing in their own yards.

The issue with ticks can be extremely serious since the nymphs, which can carry most of the pathogens, are so small, they can barely be seen and are extremely easy to miss even if you are checking for ticks.  Since it is so difficult to see the ticks, it is vital to make sure your home and property are appropriately treated, and your family is protected.

When are Mosquitoes and Ticks Most Active?

Ticks are active during the spring and summer months, however, with the serious increase in tick populations and warmer weather extending into November, ticks can be an issue as early as March and continue to be active into November.  Ticks have been around for millions of years and they have adapted very well to the climate changes in the Northeast.  Therefore, while ticks are not usually found during the winter months, the cold weather has no real impact on the tick populations.  Ticks do not die off in the winter, most ticks do quite well protected under layers of called leaves and snow.

As a matter of fact, while ticks have adapted for the cold weather, small mammals that are usually a target for ticks tend to fair worse, succumbing to the cold, starvation, and larger predators.  The reduction in numbers of small animals means there are more ticks to find us, our family members, and pets.

Mosquitoes are also active during the warmer months with a slightly shorter season being most active between April and September.  It is common knowledge that mosquitoes are a risk if you have any sort of standing water on your property.  You should take care to make sure water is not pooling any place so you are not attracting mosquitoes.  However, this does not mean that you will not have these annoying pests anyway.  On Long Island, you know that once you walk outdoors in the spring chances are the mosquitoes will find you.

The good part is that ticks do not fly or jump.  They wait on blades of grass or on bushes for someone to brush up against them.  If you know you are going to be spending the day outdoors, you can easily protect yourself with a spray, long pants, and socks.  Your best bet is to have your home and property properly treated so mosquitoes and ticks are not a problem in the first place.

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