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Spiders, more than almost any other creepy-crawly, are feared by many people.  The fear is not completely unwarranted as there are spiders with a venomous bite that can lead to illness and even hospitalization.  In rare cases, a spider's bite can even be potentially fatal.

While spiders can be aggressive if they are threatened, the truth is that spider bites are not all that common.  A spider's instinct is to run and hide if they are threatened.  Spider, like most pests, are going to go where they are able to find food and safety.  On Long Island, it is not uncommon to find spiders in the dark crevices of basements, attics, and garages. Since a major part of a spider's diet is primarily insects, such as flies, cockroaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, fleas, moths, and ants, spiders are usually not the main problem, but rather a symptom of the problem.

Long Island Spiders are Generally Not Dangerous

The most common types of spiders on Long Island are Wolf Spiders, Yellow Sac Spiders, and Daddy Long Legs.  "Daddy Long Legs is not an official name of a spider.  There are a couple of different spiders that are often referred to with that name, both of which are common in New York.  The Cellar Spider has extremely long, delicate legs and a narrow elongated body.  The arachnid more often referred to as the Daddy Long Legs is the Harvestmen, which is technically not a spider since its body is not in two sections.  The Harvestmen is officially an Opiliones and has a small oval-shaped body in one section and long thin leg, which is why a Harvestmen and Cellar Spider are often confused.

As for spiders found on Long Island, the Yellow Sac Spider is venomous and their bites can be quite painful and lead to a serious rash and even be necrotic, meaning it can kill skin tissue.  While it is recommended you see a medical professional, the Yellow Sac Spider bite is not fatal.

Spiders Are Good for the Environment, but that Doesn't Mean You Have to Live With Them.

Spiders eat other insects, including mosquitoes, so the more mosquitoes they eat, the fewer there are to annoy and harass the rest of us.  However, spiders do carry a level of risk.  If provoked, spiders will bite, and as we mentioned with the Yellow Sac Spider, the bites can be painful and potentially dangerous.  

In many cases, spiders are not only harmless but usually helpful. Most spiders spend their lives trapping and eating insects, and every bug consumed is one you won't have to swat or spray. Spiders are especially beloved by many gardeners since they are carnivores that feast on many insects harmful to garden plants.

Still, just because they are mostly beneficial, it does not mean that you have to live with them.  If you have spiders, give us a call.  We will not only help you eradicate the spider infestation, but we will also look for and find the root cause of the problem, which attracted the spiders in the first place.

Facts about Wolf Spiders

  • All spiders have 8 eyes, but 2 of the 8 on Wolf spider are huge and give them a distinctive look.

  • Wolf Spiders don't weave webs. Instead, they hunt and chase their food.

  • Wolf Spiders make burrows to live in.  While they do not make webs, they will cover the entrance to the burrow with silk to catch prey. 

  • Wolf Spider carry their eggs in their jaws or spinnerets.  After the babies hatch, they will stay with the mother for about a week until they are ready to hop off and go on their own.

  • Wolf Spiders jump.  When hunting they will pounce on their prey.  The distance they can jump depends on the size of the spider, but they can jump a fair distance.

Facts about Yellow Sac Spiders

  • Sac Spiders get their names from the sac they build to hide while they wait for prime hunting times.

  • While other spiders spend hours creating intricate webs, Yellow Sac Spiders can create their sac in 15 minutes.

  • Yellow Sac Spiders will often build their sac in tall weeds where insects live.

  • Yellow Sac Spiders will eat almost any insect or insect egg they find.  They are not too particular.

Contact Luxe Pest Control

If you see spider in you home, don't ignore them.  Spiders can pose a risk to people and pets with their bites, but they are also usually a sign that you have other insects in your home that should be dealt with.  Call Luxe Pest Control and we will identify your problems and come up with a customized plan to deal with it.

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