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  • Michael Radovic

Ticks Are Out Already

One aspect of living on Long Island seems to have gotten progressively worse over the years: the number of Ticks that seem to be everywhere. Even though it is still pretty early in the season, the ticks have already taken over the parks and preserves. So if you go to a preserve for a hike, bike ride, or some other activity like Geocaching, you will likely find one or more of these little pests somewhere on you. Even worse than that, the nymphs are so small, you may not see them at all.

Well, we aren’t treating all the parks and preserves on Long Island for ticks. It would be a nearly impossible and futile task. You don’t have to go to a park to find ticks. You can go right into your own backyard. While many people will prepare for ticks and pests if they go camping or spend the day at Massapequa Preserve, most people don’t take the same precautions when they step out into their backyard. We have seen many instances where kids and pets pick up ticks just by sitting in the grass 10 feet from their door.

When it comes to ticks, the danger is real. We all know that ticks are carriers of Lyme Disease. However, ticks can spread several diseases, and some have potentially dangerous side effects. These conditions include:

  • Lyme disease, as we already mentioned

  • Anaplasmosis/Ehrlichiosis

  • Babesiosis

  • Powassan disease

  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF)

  • Tick Paralysis

Some diseases mentioned here can also be potentially fatal if not treated promptly. For Powassan disease, for example, there is no way to prevent or treat it. Moreover, it cannot be treated with antibiotics since it is a virus. On the other hand, Babesiosis is treatable, and people who do not show symptoms do not have to be treated.

When it comes to ticks, your best bet is to try to avoid them whenever possible. If you are heading out for the day or spending some time in your backyard, make sure you do frequent tick checks, and when you are back inside, get undressed and check for ticks all over.

Ticks are active during the spring and summer months. However, with the severe increase in tick populations and warmer weather extending into November, ticks can be an issue as early as March and continue to be active into November. Ticks have been around for millions of years, and they have adapted very well to the climate changes in the Northeast.

Another thing you can do is call Luxe Pest Control. We offer services to take care of mosquitoes and ticks in your backyard so you and your family can enjoy your own property. Call us at 800-585-LUXE to learn more about our services.

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